ColorTALLY gives objective insight in your print process

Make more money by transforming your print production process into an efficient, standardised, industrial process.

  • 360° and 24/7 objective insight in your production trends, revealing the inconsistencies that need handeling.
  • No additional measurements. ColorTALLY use the color measurements you already generate on your printing presses.
  • Identify the problem using your automatically sorted and statistically analyzed color measurement data.
  • Fully automated. No additional manipulation from your operators needed.

Statistical process control for the printing industry

Stabilised production flow

ColorTALLY shows instabilities in your print process

This helps you to take the right decision when improving the efficiency of your production. You need to produce standardised print jobs with a minimum of set-up time and a minimum of waste. Regardless if you want to achieve ISO-12647 or your own in-house quality standard, ColorTALLY offers you the real information about the inconsistencies in your print process which prevent you from doing this. If you want to beat the competition and increase your margin, ColorTALLY is what will allow you to do so. You can only do this based on statistical information over a longer production period.

ColorTALLY offers you real-life, statistical data which helps you in your cause-effect analysis of the instability issues. No waste of time. You will find the real root of the production variations and they can be fixed at a minimum of cost. No production delays or press down- time needed to figure out what’s really going on. A stabilised production flow reduces make-ready time and wast by 30% and increases your margin.

No need for expensive and time-consuming test print-runs

Reduce press down-time because of color issues

Make the color result of your print-work really predictable and don't give commercial discounts because of color deviation. ColorTALLY•PressEvents allows you to set markers when you make a correction so you see which jobs are printed before and after the intervention. You see immediately if your correction fixes the problem.

ColorTALLY•Benchmark allows you to compare your efficiency performance with the overall average production performance of your competitors. You can also benchmark your different printing presses or production plants.

Reduce your maintenance cost and communicate efficiently about responsibilities with ColorTALLY•Messenger and ColorTALLY•Planner.

There is no need for expensive and time-consuming test print-runs. They’re only a snapshot anyway.

Are you really outperforming your competitors?

ColorTALLY is a cloud-based service at a monthly fee which is lower than the cost of 1 hour press down-time

You are in control. ColorTALLY automatically collects all color measurements you already take during the print run. This can be from one single press or from multipel presses regardless which brand, make or model, even from different locations or production plants.

ColorTALLY automatically applies statistical process control mathematics to show you exactly what you need so you can eliminate the instabilities in your production process.

The collected measurement data is automatically filtered by press, paper type, location, customer, color, make-ready time, make-ready waste, deltaE, density, dotgain, delta Hue, dotgain spread, and so many more. ColorTALLY offers your over 100 different views of your data, and this for process colors as well as spot colors.