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Proofing solution

Your digital color proof should be a true prediction of the printing process. Only in a standardised and controlled environment you can increase the real value of a proof as communication tool.

  • Fogra Certified proofing paper
  • Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 ready
  • Proofing paper for any proofing RIP
  • Top quality contract proofing solutions at affordable prices

Process optimization

Measure color during production on press and use these color measurements to improve color accuracy, predictability and the efficiency of your printing process so you increase your margin and productivity.

  • Objective, statistical process control
  • Measure color in any printing environment
  • Reduce make-ready time with more than 30%
  • Use our expertise to your benefit

Measuring devices

High-end measuring equipment is a necessity to get a better grip on what is happening in your print process. With our A-brand devices you make discussions about color issues truly objective.

  • Only top-notch is good enough for you
  • Measure cel volumes of your anilox or gravure cilinders accurately
  • M0 - M1 - M2 - M3 and XRGA-compliant
  • We train you on how to use the device effectively

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process optimization is teamwork

Our eye for detail is your guarantee for a job well done

Established in 1996, AxonGraphix is an international distributor of inkjet proofing solutions and proofing media, process control software and high-performance measuring devices to bring stability to your print-production process.

Our highly skilled, multi-lingual team of experts will always go the extra mile. We will help you to push your business forward and increase your profitability. Through our international direct and indirect sales channel we offer professional assistance in choosing the right products tailored to your specific needs.

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Overview of top quality tools to help you improve proofing predictability and process consistency


You deserve the best possible PAPER at the best possible PRICE. We select our products from the top manufacturers across the world and convert to your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of proofing media for Fogra 51, Fogra 39 or any other printing condition.

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PrimeProof is based on ProofMaster technology. The improved color engine allows you to make extremely accurate digital color proofs on AxonGraphix proofing paper. Side-grade from ProofMaster 4.0 to PrimeProof with 30% discount.

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Proces optimization

Statistical analysis of color measurements are the only guarantee to improve the stability of your print process. Turn your print production is an industrial and stable production with low waste and set-up times.

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MeasureColor is like your swiss army knife for accurate spectral color measurements of your print job. Use the color measurements to improve your print quality, production consistency and report back to your brand owners and customers.

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Measuring devices

Troika AniCam 3D scanning microscope has become the leading instrument of reference in our industry. Use it for accurate volume measurements of the cells of your Anilox and Gravure Cilinders, and to measure in great detail your flexo plates and cilinders. This will help you improve make-ready time and color consistency.

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Techkon is the leading brand of spectral measuring devices for any offset press-room environment.
More and more Techkon spectral measuring devices are integrated in Packaging, Flexo and Gravure production plants to check and improve color consistency.

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X-Rite eXact is a next generation handheld color measurement solutions that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of the global supply chain. It enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control, manage and communicate color across the entire color network and avoid unwanted reprint and rework.

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Inkjet repro film


Software solution to create inkjet repro films for silkscreen, flexo, pad and offset printing. High-end raster algorithms for any application.

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Inkjet Repro Film & Ink

Only the best film is good enough for you. We offer a wide range of qualities of inkjet repro film. You can use our HD-black inkjet ink to reach a Dmax of > 5.

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