Inkjet Repro Film
Inkjet Repro Film Solution

Superior raster imaging technology

Replace your old image setter with inkjet technology to create your high-res inkjet repro films

No chemical waste, no smelly processor, no expensive maintenance contracts
Fast, accurate and reliable inkjet film production
Combination of software, film and ink to deliver the right density black for any printing environment
Achieve a Dmax of > 5

Inkjet Repro Film & Ink

Inkjet Repro Film & Ink

AxonGraphix inkjet repro film is available in different sizes and different qualities to serve your needs. You will keep your production cost under control.

CTF perfect software

The quality of the printed inkjet repro film depends largely on the capabilities of the software used. Efficient and performant is what you need.

Inkjet repro film solution for silkscreen, offset, flexo and pad printing.

Affordable inkjet repro film reduces your production cost

Do not compromise on quality. Dimensionally stable inkjet film base and high quality nano- porous receiver layer

We have a choice of different base and coating qualities. Depending on wether you use the film for silkscreen, flexo, pad or offset printing, you need the right choice of inkjet repro film. We will help you make this choice.

In some occasions you may need a relatively high density for black ink. We have developed a special recipe for black inkjet ink. With our HD-Black ink you can reach a density of >5. Please contact our technical staff to find out what is the DMax you need.

Create superior raster technologies and dot shapes

With the accurate droplet placement algorithm you never miss the right dot in the right place

CTF Perfect software is a windows-based solution driving Epson inkjet Printers. We recommend using the Epson SureColor T-series printers. These printers combine high resolution and high speed. This is the best guaranty for high throughput and accurate production.

You can use AM or FM screening, or a combination of divert screenings. The carefully designed dot shapes offer you a wide variety and a lot of flexibility (Euclidean, round, square, line, elliptical, etc, ...). You control screen angles, dotgain and maximum density.