More and more of your customers demand “proof of print-quality”.

You will return on your MeasureColor investment within 4 to 6 months ... easily.

  • Measure, analyze and report on color quality in any printing environment.
  • Standardize print processes, increase print quality and reduce make-ready times and waste.
  • MeasureColor is a fully integrated system for the press operator, quality manager, business owner, brand manager and premedia companies.
  • No doubt about the print quality of the printed job.
Flexo & Gravure

MeasureColor reduces make-ready with at least 2 to 3 stops. Introduce spectral measurements in Flexo and Gravure print production. With a simple user interface your press operator will know exactly which color needs adjusting and by how much.

Offset & Digital

Process control in offset and digital is necessary in order to outperform your competition. Beat them at the color-game by improving your make-ready and control the color quality of your printed jobs during the production run. Report back on the quality of every print job.

360° Reporting

Use the measured spectral data to report to any of the stakeholders. Brand owners, quality mangers, premedia suppliers, business owners alike, ... they all require a different reporting style. Now you can offer each of them what they really need to see. Simple, flexible and accurate.

Reality can be shocking. If only everybody would measure and report color ... correctly

MeasureColor is your Swiss army knife

Improve color control in any printing environment. Report to any of your stakeholders

MeasureColor is made for the press operator to help him improve his first-time-right. It helps you to increase press up-time and reduce make-ready time and waste.

MeasureColor is designed to perform in any print environment. Digital print, commercial offset, web offset, packaging, gravure, screen and flexographic print. Whatever you print, we’ll guarantee you accurate color quality.

The in-house developed technologies like MultiSpot and ChromaTrack, the seamless integration with X-Rite InkFormulation, the connection to PantoneLive and many other cool yet necessary tools help you to offer only the best to your customers. Easy to use, tailored to your operators.

MeasureColor is like your Swiss army knife for color ... useful and reliable in any survival situation.

You print + you measure + you report = successful business

Control your color and improve the relationship with your customers. This is best guarantee for repeat-business

MeasureColor has a wide variety of professional options and tools which help you to take control over your color. Set custom color targets during pre-production meetings, certify digital color proofs, analyze ink/substrate behavior and dry back, closed loop color control, post production quality analysis and reporting. All in one system.

Press operators use it to maintain a consistent production quality, manual or in closed loop. Print room and QA managers use it to track color quality on a per job basis or to monitor long term performance. Print reports for internal or external communication. Show your customer that you maintain consistent quality at the highest level possible.

Measuring color and interpreting color made easy

MeasureColor eliminates stress and builds confidence among your operators

MeasureColor is a Client-Server application which interfaces with a wide variety of measuring devices, both in-line and off-line. You can measure common and customized control bars to control your color. If they are not available, you can also make spot measurements in the image area. Flexible, accurate and versatile.

Most commonly used measuring devices are X-Rite iOne, X-Rite eXact, 500-series, SpectroEye, Intellitrax S and Techkon’s SpectroDens Advanced (or premium) and SpectroJet and SpectroDrive, BST-Eltromat IPQ Spectral. Additionally, you can import measurement data directly from press consoles like Komori PDC/SII (SVF) and Heidelberg ImageControl (CGATS). We currently support closed loop solutions from Rutherford, Digital Information and Printflow.