Use only the most accurate and leading measuring devices

Improve predictability of your printed colors. Measure aniloxes, gravure cilinders, coating rollers and flexo plates and cilinders accurately. Control the color you print and report to your stakeholders.

Reduce press down-time because you don’t get the color right.
Streamline your anilox inventory, identify the exact volume of your cilinders and save on production cost.
Improve the predictability of your color by using the latest measuring standards M0 - M1 - M2 and M3.
Use SPECTRAL measurements. After all ... you print color and you sell color, not ink-layer thickness or density.

Measuring Devices

Fogra certified proofing
  • Measure and compare cell volumes in the finest details. Check for bad or inconsistent engravings, ink contamination or damages.
  • Improve color consistency through a job and across different order.
  • Order cilinders with the right and consistent cell volume tailored to your specific production process. Check and make sure.
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  • We offer the complete range of Techkon measuring devices.
  • Improve your in-line and off-line spectral measurements.
  • High-end spectrophotometers for any kind of print environment - accurate, robust and reliable.
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Fogra certified proofing
  • We offer the complete spectrophotometer product range of X-Rite.
  • Eliminate wasted print material and ink during press checks.
  • Quality assurance across departments and production sites.
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