Proof & Print Media

Inkjet proof and print media for demanding applications and long-term reliability.
Now you can make the best possible color-accurate digital proof and print.

  • Do not compromise for the sake of price or quality
  • Demand only the best proofing paper for your designs, campaigns and brochures
  • Versatile and compliant with the latest Fogra 51/52 - PSO - SWOP and GRACol standards
  • Wide product range with excellent color stability and lightfastness

Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 substrate white point within ∆E2 from the required targets.


Are you Fogra 51 ready?

We offer a wide range of proofing and printing materials. Contact our product specialists for more details

In order to create high-quality contract proofs, you need a flexible proofing software, an excellent printer and last but not least, the most reliable proofing paper on the market ... all in synchronisation
All AxonGraphix Proof and Print media are manufactured and controlled to the highest production standards. This guarantees a optimal roll-to-roll and therefor proof-to-proof consistency. We offer semi-matte, gloss and matte ProofMedia and PrintMedia for sheet- offset, web-offset, gravure, coated and uncoated printing conditions. We offer cheap imposition paper and paper for photographic prints as well as transparant film for flexo and packaging overlays and for inkjet repro film printing

Let us help you to become Fogra 51 compliant

Our free downloadable white paper explains it all. We will help you to make the best choice for Fogra 51 and Fogra 52

AxonGraphix PREMIUM Contract ProofPaper is optimised for Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 and is compliant with ISO 12647:2013. This PREMIUM ProofMedia uses a unique method of encapsulating OBA’s in the paper. The paper is extremely color stable and metamerism is controlled due to the OBA-management in the paper base
You can make your choice between papers with or without optical brighteners (OBA). When in doubt about the best choice of paper for you, please contact our product specialists. They will help you to integrate the right Media for the job

We work with any brand of proofing software

Our technical experts will guide you with a proper implementation in your proofing environment

Regardless what proofing software you use, PrimeProof, GMG Colorproof, CGS, EFI, ProofMaster, ColorGate, PowerProof, Kodak Matchprint or others, our ProofMedia is optimised to deliver the required contract proofing quality.
We have media for any type of application in all common print sizes. For special applications we can convert to specific customer needs and our materials are available directly from our central warhouse which ships across the globe. AxonGraphix Contract ProofPaper works seamlessly with any brand of proofing software and is ISO 12647:2013 compliant.