Setting the industry standard for cel volume measurements

Accurate volume measurements reduces production waste and increases your margin

  • Consistent cell volumes across your cylinders help you reduce make-ready time with at least 2 stops. This is a money maker.
  • You will be able to hit your colors faster, with less set-up material, time and cost.
  • With fewer aniloxes you will be able to increase your productivity without compromising on quality.
  • An accurate check upon receipt of your cilinders guarantees maximum profit due to reduced press down-time.
Anilox QC

Consistent ink-transfer from your Anilox is key to repeatable color consistency on your flexo press. A cell volume difference of 0,4 cm3/m2 results in a ∆E color difference of > 3.

Gravure Cilinder QC

The accuracy of cilinder engraving needs to be checked. A cell volume difference of 5% on cilinder results in a ∆E color difference of > 2.

Flexo Plate QC

Measure dot shape, top-dot circumference, shoulder inclination in exact detail. Understanding what your consistent minimum dot on plate is, helps you to get more consistency in printed highlights and print stability. You achieve a better job-to-job repeatability.


The leading 3D scanning microscope

Measuring real cell volume, cell depth, wall thickness, land area is easy and takes not more than 1 minute

Troika Anicam comes with a unique calibration tool which helps you to calibrate the mechanical, optical and electronic accuracy of your device. This is the only way to be certain about the accuracy of volumetric measurements.

Finally, you can communicate objectively about the real volume of the cells or shape of your dot. Setting the standard helps you to buy better and more consistent cilinders and plates and you reduce color differences on press.

This will lead to better color consistency and reduced make-ready time and wast.

It is time to take control

Measure cell volume of your cilinder accurately leads to better color control and color consistency

The cilinder management system will help you make an inventory of contamination, possible damages and the evolution of the wear and tear on your cilinders. You can make an accurate inventory of the condition of your cilinders and use this information to make sure you only use the right cilinder in the best possible condition.

Differences in cell volume of more than 5% leads to important color differences on press. Your customers demand color consistency during a print-run and across different printed jobs. Troika Anicam helps you to make sure you deliver.

1 measurement takes less than a minute

Making the time to accurately measure your cilinder and plate benefits print stability and consistency dramatically

Place the Troika Anicam firmly on cilinders and plates. With the micro-adjuster you can spot the area you need to measure accurately. The Anicam 3D Microscope scans the surface and the depth of your cilinder and plate and visualises cell and dot shapes on a micron level. The software takes accurate pictures for cross referencing with your database.

The 3D module allows you to virtually look at the measured cells and dots from any angle. You can investigate and analyse the condition of plates and cilinders reliably. No more bad plates or cilinders on press. This improves the up-time op your press and your productivity.